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Kenya has about 1.5 million licensed vehicles. It adds about 100,000 new registrations per year but, of these, only 17,500 are for brand new vehicles. All the others are second-hand. The combination of aged vehicles and dreadful road conditions means that there is a great need for skilled mechanics.

In any country that aspires to modernisation, the pace of growth is often held back by shortages of people with good practical skills – not just car mechanics but also builders, carpenters or computer whizz-kids. An added reason for the skills scarcity in Kenya, specifically the rural communities in Western Kenya, has been due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. It decimated the country’s working age population around the turn of the century and has cut the normal parent-to-child transfer of knowledge.

This is why Kenya’s Got Matar Community Development Group has set up the Institute of Technology to give the young people of Kenya the chance to train in a range of practical skills – with the latest and most popular course on offer for aspiring car mechanics!

The Group intends to move as quickly as possible into a new well-equipped training workshop and we hope that you may feel like helping them out, knowing that your support will improve the safety of Kenya’s vehicles while also improving job prospects for Got Matar’s budding mechanics.

Please view the ‘Shopping List’ below to see how you can further support this initiative…

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*When making a donation please ensure to reference “Car Mechanics” when proceeding to checkout.

The new building which Got Matar hope to construct will be 3,000 square feet. If you are interested in supporting the construction of the new building, including wiring and plumbing, you can choose to donate:

  • £5 – 1 Square Foot
  • £50 – 10 Square foot
  • £500 – 100 Square foot

If you are interested in supporting the entire 3,000 square foot building cost you can donate a total of £15,000 and choose to have the building named in your honour.

Thank you in advance for investing in a better future for the young people of Kenya who want nothing more than to realise their potential in life.