Our Story

Our Mission

To enable children and their communities to participate in and take responsibility for their own health, wellbeing and development.


Our Vision

Children and communities who are empowered, healthy and self sufficient.

Following extensive baseline research conducted by Joanna Waddington, Ace Africa was established by British born Joanna and Kenyans Augustine Wasonga and Anthony Okoti.


Our communities are in crisis; the very foundations are crumbling; we can’t cope with the children – we need help.

This is the cry for help to which Ace first responded. In 2003, Bungoma was a vastly different place to the picture it is now; one in three households were infected with HIV/AIDS, community structures were collapsing and resources strained beyond compare. The community was in despair and at real crisis point.

Ace Africa (Kenya) was established as a Community Based Organisation in Kenya in 2003, engaging 4 staff and 300 beneficiaries in its first year of inception. The programme focused on community capacity building across three interlinking components over a 10 – 15 year period with the aim of those communities becoming self-sustaining over the life cycle of the project. Key areas of intervention focused on strengthening skills, systems and partnerships to address:

• Child Development
• Community Health and Wellbeing
• Community Livelihoods

Today Ace Africa continues to go from strength to strength and, is now regarded as a leading and award-wining organisation. Through our 70 indigenous staff in Africa we have helped 2,113,465 children and their communities.

Ace Africa is a Registered International Non Governmental Organisation in Kenya, a Registered International Non Government Organisation in Tanzania and a Registered Charity in the UK and USA.

Registered UK Charity: 1111283
Registered International NGO in Kenya: OP218/051/2003/0477/3060
Registered International NGO in Tanzania: I-NGO/R1/00915