6 September 2013

6 September 201310 Year Celebration, Bungoma 3/09/2013


Where it all started:

10 years ago, ACE Africa was born here in Bungoma. On that day, September 3, there were 4 staff members, among them the three founders, Joanna Waddington, Anthony Okoti and Augustine Wasonga. The office – we called it that – was a simple room with no power, no seats or desks and we spent time standing and trying to get furniture from shops. We had no money to buy decent furniture, and most shops were shut, courtesy of the funeral of the late vice president Wamalwa Kijana, whose body was brought for viewing in Bungoma. 10 years later, Bungoma has 31 staff members and 9 volunteers- 2 of them from UK. We have a rented office and have embarked on constructing ours, to be completed hopefully by December. For the staff here in kenya, it was a time to look forward to the next ten years of committing ourselves to the development of communities. We are proud to have given birth to Siaya in 2006 and Arusha in 2008.

Ace Africa Kenya team