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In a new video targeting rural communities in Tanzania, Ace Africa’s Child Rights & Welfare Officer, Gudila, explains good hygiene

COVID-19 emergency appeal

Coronavirus is the biggest global health, economic and social crisis of our lifetime. The poorest and most vulnerable will be hit hardest. Fragile health systems are stretched to their limits in Kenya and Tanzania.

Our three emergency responses

1. COVID-19 public health information. Posters and leaflets distributed to health centres, government offices and water points, awareness raising films and radio adverts, and training of community leaders.

2. Handwashing facilities – at health centres and for at risk families. Making and distributing hygienic, easily maintained hand washing facilities (‘leaky tins’), made from local materials.

3. Emergency food packages for the most vulnerable. Making sure the poorest families, many living with HIV, can put food on the table and stay healthy.


Ace Africa staff set up emergency handwashing station

About Ace Africa

Ace Africa is a community-led organisation with a long-term perspective. We know this approach works. Governments and local communities endorse it. Since 2003, we have transformed the lives of 1,833,307 of the most vulnerable people in Kenya and Tanzania – helping families put food on their tables, increasing household income, upholding women and children’s rights, and so much more. All of our supporters, big and small, helped make this possible.

Read updates on our website. We are following strict guidelines to keep staff and volunteers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.