30 June 2023

30 June 2023Economic empowerment of women in Kenya

The economic empowerment of women improves their economic status, increases their independence, and protects their rights.

In 2022 Ace Africa Kenya worked with 200 disadvantaged women in Kakamega County Kenya, to help them establish and manage profitable agri-businesses. 100 women were trained in sheep rearing, 100 market gardens were established and 40 women were trained in saving led micro finance schemes.

Judith Akoth is a 38 year old widow with 3 children.

Picture 1

She grew black night shade on a small plot. Production and quality was poor due to low quality seed and not knowing which variety was most marketable.

Her harvest of 1 bag worth $3 could not meet food and education costs (school uniform, exercise books, pens). Her two eldest were sometimes not allowed to attend school as a result.

Judith was one of 100 women trained in business skills and vegetable production, and provided with better black night shade seeds, (based on research showing demand for this variety). She grew the crop on a larger plot, made compost, staggered production to harvest weekly and made her own pesticide.

Judith’s 27 bags of quality black night shade supplied five local vegetable stalls, earning $81 weekly. Judith can meet her children’s education costs and other household needs. She plans to grow carrots. Her father in-law has agreed to add some more acreage.

Judith’s message is a simple one…“Thank you Ace Africa – my life has now changed”.