Ace Africa

Make a big difference with a small charity

The most vulnerable families and children in Kenya and Tanzania face poverty, food insecurity, sexual violence and lack access to education.

Since 2003 Ace Africa’s supporters have transformed the income, health, education and rights of an incredible 1,833,307 people.

Why work with Ace Africa?

Every single life changed is a reason to work with us. Here are five more.

  1. Africa-based, African-led
    The people closest to problems know how to solve them.
  2. Lasting change
    Change takes time. Our long-term approach is measured in years.
  3. Innovative and responsive
    Our programmes address new challenges, including climate change and COVID-19.
  4. Transparent and accountable
    Research and evaluation are at the heart of our work.
  5. Philanthropy that is personal and rewarding
    You are part of a team – of staff, volunteers and local communities.

Ace Africa

What you can do 2021

COVID-19 made a bad situation worse for vulnerable Kenyans and Tanzanians. Communities, local government and schools are asking Ace Africa to help. These are their five, urgent priorities.

I. Open 70 new Ace school clubs to improve life chances for 3,500 school children
Our Ace school clubs teach children about health, nutrition, rights and life skills. The clubs help stop child abuse, improve diets and transform self-confidence.

II. Train 4,950 farmers to adapt to climate change
Help 1,350 Kenyan farmers to establish model farms and teach another 3,600 farmers to adapt to new weather patterns caused by climate change.

III. Boost hygiene and nutrition in 60 schools
Poor sanitation and inadequate diets are common in schools in Western Kenya. This can stop children receiving an education.

IV. Protect at least 3000 women and children from sexual abuse and violence
Increased child protection services will reduce sexual abuse and violence in rural Tanzania. We will establish four volunteer-led community child protection committees, supporting at least 3,000 women and children.

V. Transform the lives of 400 at-risk children through the power of sport
In many remote rural Tanzanian schools early marriage, teenage pregnancy and child labour are common. Academic performance is poor. There are no sports prorgammes. In 2014, the Ace Africa Football League was set up to address these issues.

Ace Africa

Let’s talk about the difference you want to make. Contact David Evans, Ace Africa UK Country Director – or call 07440 122478. Read more about our work at , or follow us on Twitter, Instagram and You Tube