Case Study, Agriculture And Nutrition


Real Lives

Elizabeth Lusujake

Project Area, Location
Arusha Region,


Elizabeth is a single mother of four children and has always believed in good nutrition and enjoyed gardening. Unfortunately she was not equipped with the skills needed to grow good nutritional produce; therefore she did not have enough income to sufficiently support her family. Her children often had one meal a day, which was usually porridge. This resulted in them frequently becoming unwell and missing school. Elizabeth was introduced to us through the Mateves community office and she received agricultural training and advice on how to improve the food situation in her home.

Elizabeth’s organic kitchen garden is very active and she grows a variety of crops ranging from Sakuma Wiki and Black Night Shade to African Napus. She manages to generate a monthly income of £36 through the sale of surplus produce. With this money, she bought a cow and a goat and she can support her children by providing them with three nutritious meals a day and pays their school fees. The agricultural knowledge she gained changed her life and she has become a living example to others within her community. She has become an agriculture and nutrition mentor and helps others establish their own kitchen gardens to ensure that everyone has enough food to live healthy and fulfilling livelihoods.