Case Study, Economic Empowerment


Real Lives

Neuni Women’s Group

Project Area, Location
Bungoma County,


The Neuni Farmer Field School was established in 2003. Before Ace intervention, the group focussed on table banking, a popular system in Africa that involves informal small-scale financial transactions to help poverty-stricken individuals. They also practiced sweet potato cultivation and horticulture; however were not employing these activities to their full potential due to a lack of training. An Ace area activator trained the 30 group members in proposal writing and resource mobilisation and a further five individuals were trained in entrepreneurship skills.

Since their training, the group’s income generating activities have thrived and earn a monthly income of £285. The group has expanded into dairy goat farming, poultry production and fish farming and the produce supports 35 community members consisting of orphans and vulnerable children and people living with HIV and AIDS. The Ministry of Special Programmes recognised their excellent progress and offered a grant worth £1,500 to expand their agricultural activities and ensure the group’s economic security.