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Pledge Your Birthday

Birthdays are truly special occasions. So why not mark this occasion by supporting a meaningful cause? Give up your birthday presents just this once and shout out to the world how important their support is to you!

What’s next?

Start your fundraising campaign. It takes just a few minutes to set up a fundraising page!

  1. Enter and select ‘A Charity’ and indicate Ace Africa as the charity you wish to support
  2. Inside your page you will have the option to set a target, write a personalised message and upload photos (which we can help with!)
  3. Then simply spread the word and ask your friends and family to donate on your big day, you will be surprised to see their positive response! They can donate directly to your on-line page and you can also pay in any cash/cheque donations you receive using a debit/credit card. Donations paid into this site will be sent directly to us and you will receive an alert every time a donation comes in.

Other Fundraising Ideas

Run a marathon, climb the mountain, sell homemade cookies… Whatever you decide to do, have fun while you are supporting Ace and inspire others to join in and help. We’ll show you how to set up a fundraising page that you can share with friends and colleagues whether they’re sponsoring you or simply sending messages of support.


Our Heroes

The City Bonkers Team complete Three Peaks Challenge in 23 hrs 43 mins!

Through a variety of rough terrain and weather conditions a team of 11 brave intrepid challengers took on the feat of the Three Peaks Challenge in June. Managing to scale the three highest peaks across England, Scotland and Wales in an incredible 23 hrs and 43 mins! This challenge involved climbing each peak in turn, driving from one foot of the mountain to the next. The three peaks climbed were Ben Nevis (4,409ft, Scotland) Scafell Pike (3,209ft, England) and Snowdon (3,560ft, Wales). The team walked a total of 42 kilometres with a total ascent of 9,800 ft.

The City crew raised a staggering £7,046 which will be split between Ace Africa, Shelter Box and Greenacres Education Trust. We would like to say a huge Asante Sana (thank you) to all involved in this challenge, your support of Ace is truly appreciated and the money raised will go a long way in supporting the growth of our projects in rural Kenya and Tanzania.

Team Intrepid Duck – We’ve done it!

After several months of intensive training, Team Intrepid Duck took to the water to undertake the great Solent Marathon. Team member Mark Chamberlen recounts the challenge:

Francisco Roque de Pinho our cox guided us on with constant comedy and multilingual banter for 5 hours 12 minutes. Noteworthy incidents being a hastily executed 360 degree turn to retrieve his camera which flew off the back of the boat, a near incident where he too almost ended up in the sea, and a celebratory champagne showering of himself and Kedge who was at that point in the stroke seat upon our arrival at Langstone Marina having completed the challenge. He skillfully kept us out of harm’s way in spite of a Blue Funnel Ferry and an out of control sailing boat so hell bent on finding the best wind that it almost wiped us out… Durham University rowing club’s former secret weapon Matthew Evans took the stroke seat, and set a pace for us all to follow. We were quite good at this, some of the time. Mark Chamberlen, challenge junky and ‘fitness fanatic’ sat behind Matt in seat number five, in front of the legendary Guy Martin, our youngest team member, who returned to full fitness after a tennis injury just in time for the great day. Worried about fire power in the boat we’d recently managed to persuade former Olympic sailor Francisco Lobato (aka Kiko) to join us. His oarsman ship, developed over many years played a significant part in our success.

Margarida Villas-Boas was allowed off the naughty step by Shelley our coach to take part on the day. Apart from keeping us all amused by multi lingual chatter with our cox, she was also the whistle blower on anyone wanting to have a pee in the back of the boat. Jax and Kiko suffered stage fright as a result and arguably completed the challenge in more pain than they would have done otherwise….. Jax Fanshawe is famous for many things, not only did she give her all as an oarsman, but she also contributed the best ‘super food’ to the team lunch box. Ask Jax about her Rocky Road and you’ll understand what I mean. And finally Kedge Martin, who inspired us all by her level of commitment to personal fitness. If Kedge asks you to take part in the next challenge she thinks off, get straight down to the gym and get fit, because she has very high expectations of her team mates!!!!!

We are all still here to tell the tale. It was a hilarious experience as we all knew it would be. Everyone returned to shore in one piece, unanimously overjoyed that it is now all over. We are all touched and delighted by the interest that our challenge has caused, and thank our sponsors and donors for their continued support of Ace Africa through our efforts.

Team Intrepid Duck raised a fantastic £7,616.

Cycling Team – Via Claudia Augusta September 2013

A team of adventurous cyclists completed the challenging Via Claudia Augusta across the Alps. The team of 13 cyclists peddled their way a tough 322 miles, over 5 days, across the old Roman roads of the Alps. The team raised over £2000 for Ace Africa. Their efforts and support are hugely appreciated by all here at Ace Africa and all the communities and children across our project sites in both Tanzania and Kenya.

Many thanks to long term supporter Andy Crane for recruiting the team of amazing cyclists!

Guy Martin – Conquers Kilimanjaro!

the team
Guy Martin and the Ace Africa team

Guy Martin our intrepid young Ace adventurer recently scaled the heights of Kilimanjaro in support of Ace Africa. He summited with several of the Ace Africa team in Tanzania who decided to take the challenge alongside Guy. Through his efforts he has raised over £1,000 for Ace which we hugely appreciate.

Climbing Kilimanjaro is a great way to take on a spectacular challenge in support of Ace and combine seeing the Ace project sites where money raised is directed. If you are interested in trekking the highest mountain in Africa please do support Ace Africa and tie in a trip to our Arusha Region project site upon completion to see how the money helps children and their communities.

If you are interested in raising money for Ace please do contact the Ace office where we can provide you with more information on our upcoming challenge events. We can help you set up a fundraising page and provide you with Ace promotional materials to encourage fundraising efforts.