30 June 2023

30 June 2023Students HIV diagnosis will not stop her ambition to help others

The HIV prevalence in Tanzania is estimated at 5 percent. Women and girls are disproportionately affected compared to men, with adolescent girls and young women accounting for 80 percent of new HIV infections. Education of the young is key to reducing infection rates, and fighting the stigma of the disease.

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Ace uses innovative approaches including drama performances and setting up ‘youth empowerment groups’. This reduces stigma, diagnoses cases and ensures appropriate support of those who test positive. One of our projects targeted secondary schools, with amazing results.

- 4,528 children and young people learnt about HIV/AIDS from drama performances, increasing their understanding of how to avoid the disease
- 1,028 tests, diagnosing 16 young people who received appropriate treatment and support
- 8 Youth Empowerment Clubs set up in schools to engage students independently of Ace Africa

Amina, is a 16 year old student who was approached by an older man, offered money and had unprotected sex. She became aware of her status due to the project and is determined to now deliver change herself.

Ace Africa project and government officers visited her school, educating students on HIV and sexual and reproductive health and rights. Students were invited to test, and Amina and tested positive. She received counselling from Ace, helped her access ARV drugs and discussed how to live a positive healthy life.

Today she is focused on her health and studies. She wants to finish her secondary school education, go to college and work as a minister. “I am glad I know my status, I want to study hard so I can inspire other young people to achieve their goals even if they are HIV positive. I will one day work in the government and not even HIV will stop me from reaching my goal.”