22 October 2020

22 October 2020TAKASA Youth Group

TAKASA (cleanse) is a youth group which was trained in soap making between 10th – 12th of June 2020, the group is composed of 15 members from Ngorbob village in Mateves ward. Just two weeks after the training, the group managed to raise 75,000 Tanzanian Shillings (Tshs) (£25) as profit from the sales of liquid soaps.

TAKASA group members selling liquid soap during market day

TAKASA group members selling liquid soap during market day

Project officers continued to make follow up visits to this group, supporting them in expanding their market coverage. Currently, the group is searching for tenders in public and private schools where they can scale up sales of liquid soap for school use.

Each member is responsible for selling 15-20 litres of soap every week and the profit is recorded in the group’s ledger books. Through this the group makes a weekly profit of 35,000 Tshs (£12). In September 2020, the group has earned 95,000 Tshs (£32).

From mid-June to date, the TAKASA youth group has earned £60 from the sales of liquid soap alone. The Project officers are continuing to provide technical support to TAKASA Youth Group members, assisting them in identifying new potential customers and strengthening business relations with the existing customers.

Currently, group members have shown an interest in acquiring a loan from VICOBA, to buy more wholesale soap and to open up small kiosks near their homes so as to increase their income.

In just a few months the TAKASA Youth Group have established a successful and growing business, giving new skills, opportunity and much needed income to its young members.

Thank you to Amcomri Foundation for making this work possible, and providing members of the TAKASA Youth Group with essential skills to better improve their lives for the future.