15 August 2014

15 August 2014Thriving partnership with Got Matar Community Development Group

Ace Africa’s expansion into Bondo Sub Country, Siaya region has enabled a flourishing partnership to be established with Got Matar Community Development Group (GMCDG). The group works hard to support the Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) in their community. 583 students are enrolled in Got Matar Secondary School, of which 252 are sponsored by GMCDG. Ace provides technical support, for example helping with academic reports and updating case files. Furthermore Ace helps in the development of Got Matar Primary School through the training of two teachers in Child to Child learning methodology, a programme utilised throughout Ace project sites.



Institute of Technology – Students

Another exciting project is the development of the Got Matar Institute of Technology. Youth partake in practical courses, learning trade skills such as garment making, masonry, food and beverage production and more. Got Matar and Ace Africa have budgeted for the development of new classrooms and dormitories for the Institute which began construction on 29th July 2014. Furthermore Ace has contracted the garment making department to make school uniforms for needy primary school children in the area. With the Institute thriving, there are plans to introduce new courses in 2015 including agriculture, beauty and therapy, business and management.


Institute of Technology – Staff

It is important to mention the vital support of the various stakeholders including sponsors, parents, teachers, churches and communities who provide socio-economic and moral support to the children. Moreover Ace is especially grateful to Andrew Macmillan who has played a valuable role in fundraising and has enabled the initiated projects to continue developing. The cooperation of all stakeholders is a key reason for the success of these projects and it is a testament to the resilience of the Got Matar community.

Ace continues to be impressed by the focus and achievements of the Got Matar community and the determination of GMCDG to improve the lives of the OVC in their community. We are looking forward to strengthening this partnership in the years to come, commencing with the JBSF Kenya 10k Run which will be taking place in Got Matar, Siaya on November15th.. To learn more about this event click the link - http://www.ace-africa.org/j-b-s-f-kenya-10k-run-to-take-place-on-15th-november/


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