22 April 2014

22 April 2014Addax & Oryx Foundation support Livelihoods in Bungoma

Addax 2Earlier this year Ace Africa was delighted to be awarded a grant given by the Addax and Oryx Foundation. The Addax and Oryx Foundation work to fight the root causes of poverty in Africa and the Middle East, by supporting projects focused on four core areas: Health, Education, Community Development, and The Environment. Ace Africa’s ethos was seen to be in line with their mission and has thus resulted in a three-year grant of US$ 294,294.

With this funding, Ace Africa seeks to improve and sustain the nutritional and economic security of 1,200 women, 6,000 members of their household and 15,600 members of the wider community in resource-poor, rural areas of Bungoma, Western Kenya. Widespread gender discrimination coupled with limited access to both nutritious food and information on its benefits, has greatly impacted the community’s health, well-being and livelihoods. With this funding, Ace Africa will implement its Community Livelihood Initiative programme to tackle the problem from its very roots.

We realise that by training community groups and providing them with regular technical support, we will help to increase their ability to participate and initiate in income generating activities. This in turn, will increase the variety of nutritious food products available in the community and economic security.

We aim to provide a variety of different trainings for community members, in activities such as organic kitchen gardening and cereal banking. Implementation is currently taking place, but so far we have already trained 67 members of the community. We hope that these new found skills will be shared amongst the community members and that we will begin to see progress soon. We would like to thank the Addax and Oryx Foundation for their grant and we look forward to updating you on this project.

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