7 June 2016

7 June 2016Arisaig Visits Southend Academy

In May 2016, Arisaig, a long-standing supporter of Ace Africa, visited Southend Academy in Bungoma, Kenya. Over the last year, Arisaig helped fund major renovations at Southend Academy, in addition to providing many of the essential needs of the school, including meals, school uniforms and sanitary pads. As a result, the lives of approximately 200 students, all of whom are orphans or otherwise vulnerable, have been improved.


Whilst in Bungoma, Ace Africa showed Arisaig their holistic approach at Southend and beyond. Both the school and children at Southend impressed Arisaig, and they now look forward to working with the school throughout its progression towards self-sustainability. Arisaig also had the opportunity to explore Ace Africa’s work in the wider community, visiting HIV testing facilities, an education centre and a local farm using Ace Africa’s seed propagation initiative. They were impressed to learn about the counselling services that the network of 7,000 Ace community volunteers in Kenya provide in order to identify and help individuals escape abusive practices, develop new skills to become self-sufficient and live better quality lives. Arisaig appreciated meeting people who had been touched by Ace Africa’s work and enjoyed their visit to Southend Academy.

It is great to have the support of Arisaig and we hope that they visit the programmes again in the future.