24 January 2014

24 January 2014Fish Farming Proves Successful in Siaya

Fish_Ponds-daniel doing the stocking of the fingerlingsDaniel Jung’a started a fish-farming project in Alego, Siaya, with Ace Africa in 2011. He enrolled in a three-day training course, which included a visit to a successful role model farmer nearby. Ace has since provided Daniel with a start-up package, which included the resources to proceed with the excavation of 3 ponds, 800 fingerlings for restocking and start up feeds. The fingerlings take a period of 6 to 8 months before harvest and with proper feeding and management any farmer should get good produce.

During his first harvesting period, Daniel made a profit of Ksh 72,500 (GBP 511.85) after 6 months. This represents an average of Ksh 12,000 (GBP 84.72) per pond, monthly. With this, Daniel was able to provide his family, of five, to a nutritious meal every day.

Having realised the potential of growth with this type of business, Daniel has plans to venture in large-scale production of horticultural crops and fish farming to meet market demands.

Ace is continuing to support Daniel to ensure that he can advise other community members to become actively involved in fish farming activities, as well as to work with other partners to help improve the food security needs in this area.

“I want to thank Ace Africa for the support which has helped me be food secure and even act as a role model in the community. Thank you Ace Africa.” Daniel Jung’a, Alego project area.Fish_Ponds-Daniel (infront)provided with the fingerlings for stocking
In numbers

Total Income (fish sales receipts): Ksh 142,500 (£1,006.50)
Total Expenditure (excavation, fingerlings, start-up seeds): Ksh 70,000 (£494.20)
Profit per pond / 6 month-period: Ksh 72,500 (£511.85)