6 February 2014

6 February 2014Patron Liz Earle visits Ace Africa Programmes in Tanzania

Liz_Earle In AfricaLiz Earle MBE has been a respected name in the world of wellbeing for over 25 years. Specialising in beauty, food, nutrition and natural health, Liz is the author of over 30 bestselling books in these areas.

Liz has been one of Ace Africa’s longest standing supporters over the past 10 years, and last year we were lucky enough to welcome Liz as our Patron.

“Some years ago I met an inspirational young British woman, Joanna Waddington, Founder of ACE Africa, one of the most significant charities working to provide practical and sustainable help for hundreds of thousands of HIV/Aids widows and orphans living in great poverty in both Kenya and Tanzania”

Last week Liz embarked on her first Ace Africa field trip – as Patron. This has been a great opportunity for her to see first-hand the impact Ace has in its communities. Travelling with her husband and Ace Africa’s photographer and filmmaker, Patrick Drummond, Liz has had an action-packed trip so far, witnessing HIV counselling and the distribution of vitamins to children living in some of the most remote parts Tanzania. Liz has also spent her time with the Ace team delivering mosquito nets to a Maasai Village, where malaria is rife and help is vital for survival.

We would like to thank Liz for all of her support, and for raising awareness of the work that Ace Africa does with its children and communities in Tanzania and Kenya. And you can follow her Ace journey here, visit www.lizearlewellbeing.com or follow her on Twitter @LizEarleWb

You can read Liz’s first report from her African trip here,  find out more about our eco stoves here or learn about our sustainable farming here.

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