12 May 2016

12 May 2016Ace Africa (TZ) contributing to Women and Children’s protection systems in Tanzania

‘Ace Africa (TZ) has been recognised as the leading organisation in the Arusha region in respect of advocating for and protecting the rights of children. Ace Africa works with partners to establish educational projects, community structures, referrals and networks.’ District Executive Director, Arusha District Council, Arusha Region.

Ace Africa (TZ) has been invited by the Department of Social Services to contribute to the development of the new National Plan of Action for Care, Support and Protection of Women and Children in Tanzania.

Joe Waddington and Gudila Joachim attended one of the first of many workshops on Friday 29th April 2016 in Dar es Salaam. They will continue to attend strategic workshops over the next few months. Ace Africa (TZ) is also gathering local responses and solutions from Ace beneficiaries in the rural areas of Arusha, where the incidence of reported cases of violence against women and children has increased enormously in the past year.

Gudila Joachim & Joe Waddington

Gudila Joachim & Joe Waddington

Ace Africa (TZ) is also in the process of establishing a District Child Protection Team, one of only few in the country and has the full support of the National, Regional and District Social Services. This process is part of the National Costed Plan of Action (NCPA II) for Most Vulnerable Children (MVC) and involves establishing comprehensive and integrated District, Ward and Village Level Child Protection systems, engaging the community, partners and the government in the protection of the rights of children. This programme will complement and add strength to Ace Africa’s existing Child Protection programme.

Ace Africa (TZ) was also supported by the local leaders, partners and community in Kimnyaki Ward who recognised Ace Africa (TZ) as the best Child Protection organisation in the Ward, due to ‘their long term approach, involvement of local administration, partners and community members and close monitoring at the household and village level.’

You can read more information on the NCPA II by following this link: http://www.childrightsforum.org/files/english%20simplified%20version.pdf

We look forward to keeping you updated.