13 May 2015

13 May 2015Ace celebrates International Nurses Day in rural Arusha

To help recognise International Nurses Day on the May 12th, Ace Africa Tanzania participated in a health outreach event at Orutulument Health Facility (-3.30330886, 36.60641653) in Mwandet Village in rural Arusha. The event encouraged community members to access health services and learn more about important health topics, such as HIV and good hygiene.

Ace conducted voluntary counselling and testing services at the event to enable people to become aware of their HIV status, along with providing counselling to those tested and referral services to those impacted by HIV. Ace also performed a community drama skit to highlight health issues facing the community, such as HIV stigma and discrimination and female genital mutilation. Using drama enables the community to learn about these challenging issues in a comfortable setting. Ace also provided logistical and financial support to the event.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAce Africa thanks all those throughout the world who work as nurses. Your efforts are key to healthy communities and the knowledge you share empowers community members to take more control of their health.