15 February 2016

15 February 2016Case Study: The Power of Education

Pacifica is vulnerable. Her father abandoned her 7 years ago and his whereabouts remain unknown. Her mother is a vegetable vendor and she tries her best to make ends meet for the family. She is the third born in a family of nine children.

Pacifica sat her KCPE in 2011 for the first time and scored 331 marks. Due to financial constraints and there being no one to offer support to her through high school she was forced to repeat Standard 8 hoping that a well-wisher would be found to support her secondary education.

In her second attempt, she scored even higher (365 marks) and earned a place in Bishop Njenga Girls High School. She was able to re-sit the exam through the kindness of her teachers supporting her with the fund to re-sit the national exam; they were not in the position to support her with her secondary education. She performed well at primary school and was head-girl.

Pacifica’s mother learnt about Ace Africa through a community volunteer who works with Ace. She chose to make an application for support from the Ace Africa bursary fund for Pacifica. An assessment was conducted by the organization and Pacifica met the criteria.

Pacifica is now in form 4 preparing for her qualifying exam. Her performance in school has been excellent and it gives hope that she will make it to the university and the opportunity for a career.

Pacifica is truly focused on her academic studies. She has a perfect record amongst her teachers and never been involved with any case of poor discipline. She has won favour of many of her teachers and when she doesn’t understand something she sits down with them to go through the problem. Pacifica is a member of the school choir and participates in the county level for this.

Pacifica has the potential to make it to the University and prays that she will have the means to be able to fulfil her dreams.

We would like to thank the Marr-Munning Trust for supporting Pacifica and 15 other children help realise their dreams.

Pac results

Figure 1 – Pacifica’s results over the last three years at school


Figure 2 – Pacifica looking very smart in her school uniform