20 April 2015

20 April 2015Partnership with Got Matar Community Group yields great results after first year!

A report published early this year has highlighted the success of the strategic partnership between Ace and the Got Matar Community Development Group (GMCDG), which has continued to improve the lives of OVC in the community. 230 (131m; 99f) secondary students currently benefit from direct support and financial aid from Ace and the GMCDG. Overall, the performance of the group has significantly improved with average grades jumping from 5.28 in 2013 to 5.65 at the end of 2014.

2013vs 2014

The Got Matar Institute of Technology teaches students technical skills such as masonry, woodwork and food and beverage production. 39 new students enrolled across different courses at the beginning of 2015, which is a huge achievement with the newly introduced beauty therapy course enrolling 9 female students for its first year! In total the Institute – which is also undergoing some renovations at the moment – trains 98 (27m, 71f) students in important technical and practical skills.

We remain committed to our students in Got Matar and by working together with the GMCDG and the rest of the community hope to sustain and improve both projects over the long term.