10 April 2014

10 April 2014Spring Clean Appeal

Help a girl in rural Africa reach her full potential


Many girls in Africa see menstruation as the most significant social stressor and barrier to schooling.

With sanitary pads either being unavailable or simply too expensive, girls are forced to improvise, often resulting in embarrassing and traumatizing experiences.

A severe lack of knowledge, coupled with the social stigma surrounding the subject of periods, has left girls feeling ashamed and embarrassed and has resulted in a very high poor attendance rate among girls for days every month.

With your donations:

  • We aim to provide support for girls during this time
  • To provide the rest of the community with a clearer understanding of all aspects of menstruation
  • Provide the logistical and practical methods of hygiene matters.


£12 provides 1 girl enough sanitary pads for 1 whole year